Evidencing Skills Through Skills Tags: Tech Update

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One of the core features of Kloodle is evidencing your employability skills through dynamic uploads. We have overhauled how this is displayed. Here’s how you now evidence skills on Kloodle:-

1. Log in to your account and create a blog, photo or video.

2. When creating the post, click on the “Add Skill” button.

3. You’ll be presented with a list of employability skills. These are checkboxes. Check the ones that are applicable to this post.

4. Alternatively (or as well as) you can write in a custom skill.

5. Click save.

6. Navigate back to your profile.

7. The skills you have just tagged will appear in the skills box on your profile.

8. Click on the skill.

9. All of the uploads that evidence this particular skill will be displayed on this page.

10. To further enhance your evidence, upload a variety of media, such as blogs, photos and videos.


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