Students post reflections to evidence the impact of your teaching on their skills & character development

Before Kloodle You know your learners are developing skills but would struggle to show how. Lots of fantastic activities are missed.....they might never have existed! After Kloodle Your learners are reflecting upon the skills they're building, creating a bank of solid evidence showing exactly how you're impacting their skill development.

Are your learners being taught to only pass exams? Or are they developing the skills they need to succeed?

Can you easily quantify the number of learners achieving certain grades, but struggle to identify who developed their communication, analytical and resilience skills?

What gets measured gets managed. You are likely excellent at capturing academic progress, but skills are more difficult to measure. Can you be sure you're developing learners' skills and character if you are unable to measure this?

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Are your learners aware of the skills they're building?

Do your learners understand how your curriculum is developing their skills and likelihood of future success? Are your learners able to articulate how they're developing valuable skills?

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If you were asked to show how your curriculum is impacting learner skill development, could you do so easily?

You know in your gut you're developing skills and character, as well as the knowledge your learners need to succeed, but are you able to demonstrate this learning quickly and easily?

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A selection of our customers

“Our learners post to their profiles on a regular basis. It’s a great way to capture the skills they’re building in lessons, during enrichment and on work experience.”