How it Works

Create a base of evidence demonstrating how your study programme is building skills.

Your study programme helps to identify skills such as resilience, problem solving and team work, with every interaction the learner has. This enables them to develop these skills further as they progress through their own learning and personal development.

With Kloodle, learners build up a portfolio of posts, showcasing examples of how they are building skills. From blogs & photos, to videos and documents, Kloodle arms you with a vast array of content, showcasing how your organisation is contributing to skill development.

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Visualise learners' growing skills via their skills wheel

As learners add posts to their profile and tag in skills, their skills wheel grows showcasing the progress they make.

Learners complete a baseline skills assessment, providing you with a starting point from which to demonstrate skill development, enabling learners to reflect upon their current skillset.

Every learner: A Portfolio for Life!

By posting content, learners build a profile they can keep for life, helping them to demonstrate the skills they’ve built up throughout their education.

A learner’s profile becomes a living, breathing ePortfolio, recording skill development, achievement, participation and reflections. This portfolio can be kept for life, shared and added to.

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Show me the impact!

Manage completion and impact quickly and easily through our Kloodle Dashboard

Ensure implementation is effective and impactful by managing your Kloodle usage from our dashboard.

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Showcase how your curriculum extends beyond the academic

Your study programme is more than just its academic content, choc-full of enrichment, activities, experiences and opportunities for skill development. Kloodle captures these aspects quickly and easily.

Show how your curriculum is impacting the personal development of your learners, quickly and easily, and all in one place.

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Fully mobile!

Learners can add to their ePortfolio quickly and easily using the Kloodle app

IT resource is scarce and time is short…..Kloodle’s iOS and Android app allows your learners to capture and reflect upon examples of skill development in situ. Easy as pie!