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Kloodle is proud to partner with Manchester City Council as the digital solution for their Skills for Life programme

Skills for Life is a scheme designed to make young people aware of the skills they’re building that will equip them to succeed. Kloodle is powering the recording of these skills to help young people across the region build a digital skills profile

The five skills for life are:

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Self Belief (including positive outlook, motivation and resilience)

  • Self-management (for your own actions and using your initiative, accountability and organisation)

  • Teamwork

Kloodle will help young people: –

  • Reflect upon the Skills for Life through writing blogs, taking photos, uploading videos and sharing documents
  • Find “skills building” opportunities by listing activities, opportunities and awards that young people can participate in to build these skills
  • Build confidence and self-esteem – as their profile grows, young people begin to realise they have a lot to offer the world.


Explaining what the skills mean

Communication is:

  • Being connected to others

  • It means the transfer of information from one person to another, it can be verbal, non-verbal, written or even visual

Problem solving is:

  • Being curious and making changes to improve a situation

  • It means creatively thinking of solutions and being able to weigh in your options before taking action and making decisions

Self-belief is:

  • Being confident in your own abilities and being willing to have a go

  • It means approacing tasks with a positive outlook, being motivated and being resilient when things don’t go as planned

Self-management is:

  • Being prepared and being ready

  • It means being organised, being accountable for your own action and using head and your initiative

Teamwork is:

  • Being together and working towards a shared goal

  • It means you can recognise each other’s skills and strengths to help the team to achieve their goal in the most effective way.