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Riverside School is a mixed, secondary school with a selective sixth form, situated in Barking, Essex. Despite the large number of students of a wide range of abilities, the school prides itself on promoting a caring, friendly atmosphere. In accordance with the motto ‘excellence for all’, each student at the school is placed in a Form Group under the guidance of a tutor, who gets to know each student very well. Learners with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) follow the same carefully considered curriculum as their peers.

Soren Ramsing, Assistant Headteacher – Personal Development, says: “We have been looking for a way to accurately monitor the attendance to clubs without making it a cumbersome and a lesson-like activity. Using Kloodle’s student QR code, we scan students into an activity. 

This allows us to analyse who is committed and what groups we miss and adjust the club programme to attract those who we miss.

Each activity will have skills/values foci: resilience, respect, creativity, collaboration, discipline, thinking, kindness. These connect to our school’s learning behaviours and values.

The benefits are:

  • Students will be able to see what skills they need to work on.
  • Form tutors will be able to have richer learning conversations.
  • Head of Years are able to incentivise certain students, find positives for problem students and celebrate great achievements.
  • Senior Leadership Team can see what clubs work and why. Identify correlations between club data, pastoral and academic data. 

At Riverside we link up pastoral, Teaching and Learning and Essential Wider Curriculum (EWC) provision, so all people speak the same language, including the students – Kloodle helps us gather accurate data on the EWC side of things.”

The school places emphasis on learning, excellent parental support and a close-knit team of enthusiastic and talented staff. The strong culture is embedded through the key values: Learning is at the heart of everything; celebration of diversity; respect for each other; high aspirations. Thus, the pupils are encouraged to succeed.

Activities And Essential Wider Curriculum (EWC)

The curriculum is supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities, referred to as ‘essential wider curriculum’ at Riverside School, which have been designed so that the pupils can develop their personal and social strengths. This includes:

Leaders ensure that pupils from all backgrounds and of all abilities take up these enrichment opportunities.

The school wants to collect the data on all the activities to demonstrate all of this enrichment and the activities the students have participated in during the term to the Senior Leadership Team and parents. The easy way is through Kloodle.

The Way Kloodle Is Used

The Activities Library

Activities are uploaded en masse onto the Kloodle digital platform by a member of staff from a spreadsheet. Alongside this individual teachers or tutors can create activities and add them to the ‘activities library’.


The uploaded activities identify the enrichment exercise and indicate the associated character traits and skills inherent within the different experiences. The process is teacher-led, which means that tutors can ‘grab’ from the library activities and assign them to groups or categories of students as and when they decide to undertake them. This way the system captures any student who has participated in an activity.

 The rich experience and skills’ development from enrichment at the school is captured by being recorded on Kloodle during or after each lesson or activity. Teachers can post awards to celebrate positive behaviours and achievements.

Classification of Learners

There are many ways of differentiating the learners at the school into categories attending different events or performing tasks, such as year group, individual class, SEN and free school meals. The classifications of students was uploaded from SIMS at the beginning of the year.

QR Codes

QR codes are used to instantly upload information about an event or group activity, like a talk or a form session.

The QR codes are assigned to each pupil so that the teacher responsible can scan the codes of the relevant participating students and the information relating to the activity is instantly attributed to the student and uploaded to the data bank. Thus, group activities can be accounted for and data gathered.

Building The Group Skills’ Wheel

Pupils can complete an activity as a class, in different groups or individually. The head of years will be responsible for managing attendance data for a year group, the form tutor for form groups, senior leaders for the whole school and individuals have to log their own activities. Then the skills relating to that exercise can be tagged and captured on Kloodle and a skills’ wheel for a whole group or class of pupils can be presented, which can illustrate the growth in skill development.

Teachers have the facility to add individual students to an activity if required.

Data Collection On Participation And Gatsby Compliance

The school is keen to gather evidence relating to participation in enrichment. As well as this, they also capture data which measures the ‘distance travelled’ by their learners universally in regard to their character development and educational journey.

There is a dashboard on Kloodle, as seen below, which collates all of the information relating to the activities and, at a glance, illustrates the learner participation data, such as the volume of activities the school is creating and how many activities are hitting Gatsby Benchmarks.

This data helps management to identify and measure the meaningful impact of enrichment activities.

The Convenience Of Having All The Data In One Place

By uploading the information to Kloodle, the school is provided with all the necessary data on progression over time. Also, all the enrichment data is in one place and there is no need for different systems and spreadsheets for the numerous activities.

All This Satisfies Ofsted

Ofsted’s inspection framework now includes sections for assessment called “Personal Development”. It means that schools need to provide evidence of extra-curricular activities, character and personal development, and careers guidance. This includes tracking and meeting Gatsby Benchmarks. For the highest outcomes in personal development, school must present their pupils with a wide, rich range of experiences. Consistent with the school motto of ‘excellence for all’ and an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, this is what Riverside School is achieving.

Using Kloodle is a fantastic way of supporting and demonstrating compliance with personal development and Gatsby.

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