Kloodle Launch Week Resources

Broad Timeline

Day 1 – Tutor delivers introduction session & learners log in for the first time

Day 2 & 3 – Learners & tutors receive training emails; Learners add content to profiles

Day 3 – Midweek review sent with leaderboard overviews

Day 4 – Final stretch to create great profiles

Day 5 – Winners announced

Lesson Plan

Here’s a copy of the lesson plan you’ll need for the launch session

Download Lesson Plan



Here’s the presentation slides for you to give to learners on the day

Download Slides Plan

Introductory Video

Here’s the introductory video to play after delivering the slides


How do I win the voucher

To win the voucher, you need to grow your wheel by the most points during the week.

How does my wheel grow?

  1. Posting to your profile and tagging in a skill – 1 point per tag
  2. Getting these skills endorsed by a teacher – 3 points per endorsement (teachers will only endorse if the post is good!)
  3. Earning an award (5 points – teachers award these)

How do I access Kloodle?

Via a web browser (Chrome, Safari or FireFox are best) or by downloading the app on iOS or Android (AppStore or Google PlayStore)

How can I see how this works from a learner’s perspective?

Log in to your own profile and start to build your profile out. This is exactly the same as the learners’ version and will enable you to see the process and what type of content you can post.

Who decides the winner?

We do. We decide on a combination of: –

  1. The largest skills growth across the week
  2. The quality of the content created

When will the winners be announced?

Day 5 of the competition

How do I get a member from my class to win?