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Young people display skills continually. Self-belief on the sports field, communication in the classroom, empathy during enrichment….they are evolving their employability skills, life skills and character.

The major problem is a lack of recognition. Young people need to recognise they are developing these skills and their importance. Kloodle helps them to do this by enabling them to reflect upon their skill development to grow their wheel.

Kloodle can now help this recognition further by enabling you to award them for their displays of skill development, quickly and easily, in situ.

Reward Skills Quickly and Easily

Here’s how you can reward skills quickly and easily on Kloodle.

As a pre-requisite, you need to have created the awards you want to award. You can learn how to do this here.

Let’s say our learner, Shaban Dar, has been asked to step in for a student who was meant to lead assembly but is absent. By doing so, Shaban has displayed great adaptability.

To recognise this, we can award him on Kloodle.

Let’s log in to our staff profile and search his name in the top bar.


Next to his name, we can click “Award Learner”. This will list out all of our available awards.


Next to the adaptability award, click “Award Learner”.


Let’s give Shaban a reason for this award…..



We can then click “Post & Award”. We can navigate to Shaban’s profile and see the award.



To notify him of the fact, Shaban gets sent an email showing how his skills wheel as grown as a result of this award.



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