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5 Steps To a Gatsby-Ready, Personalised Careers Interview

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One of the Gatsby benchmarks states that careers advice should be personalised. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get students to open up regarding their desired career pathways. I’ve outlined a workflow you can use to help with personalised careers interviews.

Create a badge outlining the level a student has to get their profile to in order to be considered for an interview.

This is so that the profile is rich enough for you to get an insight into what the student wishes to study: –

2. Use your admin panel to send out a message to your class or entire college letting them know that careers appointments are being made through Kloodle.

Log in to your admin panel

Select all users using the checkbox at the top of the student list

Click the green envelope at the top of the page and type your message

Once sent, a student can activate the badge and commence work.

3. The student completes the work you’ve outlined in your badge using their Kloodle ToDos

The student can go about completing their todos. This involves completing: –

The aspirations plan

The pathways interest section

The sector interest sections

And then the bio, education, employment and achievements section. The student can then submit the badge for approval.

4. You review your badge submissions and student profiles

Logging in to your teacher panel, you can then access a list of students who have submitted the badge.

You can then view the student’s profile for more information.

At the top, you’ll see her main goal….

Then the pathways she’s interested in…..

Then the sectors she may be interested in…..

The skills she possesses…..

As well as her progression wheel.

As you can see, this information can lead to an extremely productive and structured careers interview. You’ll have insights into the pathways your student is interested in, as well as the skills she possesses which can highlight what her next steps into the workplace might be.

5. You send out your invite for a careers interview

All that is left to do is send the student a message to invite her to your now personalised, effective and useful, Gatsby-ready careers interview.


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