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Ahead of the Curve — St John Rigby College

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You can get a feel for how good an organisation is by the persona of its staff. Some places leave you feeling sapped of energy, as staff appear glum; an open window to the soul of their organisation. In other places, it is clear that staff care. They are there to make a difference. They go the extra mile and invest in the work they do. St John Rigby College is one such place.

We had the pleasure of attending their recent open evening. Prospective students got the opportunity to look around the college and see the wonderful things they could experience if they were lucky enough to obtain a place. We were taken aback by the energy of SJR’s staff. People couldn’t do enough to make us feel welcome. As a company whose service they are buying, we should’ve been the ones making the running and bending over backwards to look after our client. Instead, we were received like visiting royalty.

It is clear that students are treated the same. Staff are constantly looking at new ways in which they can help their students. Kloodle will be used in the college as their next innovation in careers and employability. We are but one weapon in the arsenal of an already strong department. Last year, the college received a Skills for Business award (presented by Dara O’Briain, no less) for the work the college does in careers guidance. SJR strives to provide its students with the best resources to help propel their careers, whether they have aspirations to pursue work, apprenticeships or go on to further education. The Skills of Business award was testament to the quality of job they do.

Kloodle will provide SJR’s students with a means of evidencing their employability skills, connecting with potential employers or universities, and content and resources which will help their students learn more about careers and employability. By adopting Kloodle, SJR is demonstrating its willingness to innovate to provide its students with every possible opportunity. We are looking forward immensely to working with such a dedicated and caring set of people.

We have some work to do in thanks for the cups of tea and cakes at the open evening!


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