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Aldi Apprenticeships: Aldi is Recruiting

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Have you got what it takes to manage a supermarket? Aldi is recruiting apprentices with the aspiration that the very best will become the store managers of the future. Kloodle interviewed Ruth Doyle, Regional Managing Director at Aldi to discuss what Aldi apprenticeships are available, and how these schemes can be a launchpad to a young person’s career.

Can you tell us what apprenticeships are available as part of the Aldi scheme?

Aldi specialises in two types of apprenticeships: stores and logistics.

Aldi store apprentices are trained in all aspects of Retail Management during the three year course. The scheme offers Store Assistant training in year one and store management training in years two and three with a market-leading salary of £5.30 per hour rising to £7.63 per hour. Aldi is also looking for around 620 store apprentices across the UK this year, making us one of the largest retail apprenticeship providers.

The Logistics Apprenticeship Scheme covers all seven of Aldi’s regional distribution centres in England and Wales, and there are around 30 positions available for young people looking to learn about the supply chain at Aldi and a career in logistics. The scheme also lasts for three years, and successful candidates will receive a Level 2 Warehousing and Storage qualification. We also offer very attractive apprenticeship salaries for our logistics scheme of £5.30 per hour rising to £6.70 in year two and £7.63 in year three.

What do you look for in a potential apprentice?

Aldi is looking for committed and resourceful young people who are genuinely seeking a career in retail or logistics management. Our staff are not afraid of hard work so we expect our apprentices to get stuck in.

Aldi’s apprentices are given real responsibility from day one and the opportunity to expand their skills base.

How can an apprentice progress within the business?

Successful store apprentices will be offered a Deputy Manager position upon completion of the course, and can progress onto Assistant Store Manager or even Store Manager roles within Aldi.

For logistics, apprentices can expect to be offered a management position at the end of the scheme if they perform well.

How does the apprenticeship scheme compare to the graduate scheme?

Aldi’s Apprenticeship Schemes are targeted primarily at school leavers between the ages of 16–20, who are looking to pursue a career in retail, but either don’t wish to or are unable to go to university.

Aldi’s Area Management Programme is aimed at university graduates who must possess at least a 2:1 at undergraduate level to apply.

Aldi offers realistic progression opportunities for its apprentices and we always seek to promote from within wherever possible. Our apprenticeship schemes offer young people the best chance of achieving a successful, well-paid career within retail or logistics.

Aldi store apprentices will also achieve a Retail Apprenticeship Level 3 qualification, which very few retailer apprenticeships currently offer, and the chance for students to learn alongside their store work.

How valuable are apprentices to Aldi?

Apprentices play key roles in both Aldi’s store and logistics operations, and are fully integrated into these teams. Aldi is looking for around 620 apprentices to work in stores across the UK, and they will be critical in Aldi’s continued expansion and the excellent customer service which we offer in our stores.

How does a young person apply to the Aldi apprenticeships?

Applications for both of the Aldi’s apprenticeship schemes should be submitted via


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