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And Now This: The Kloodle Newsletter

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Welcome to our weekly roundup!

We hope you are settling into the new term and all your students have managed to log in to your Kloodle accounts. We have seen a huge number of students commence badges on Kloodle?—?we have been marking and providing feedback at our end.

Check your admin panel to see the badge stats for your organisation.

A few reminders

  • Our password links are time sensitive. This is to prevent hacking. If your student attempts to click an old password link, they’ll get an error. Regenerating a new link solves this. Here’s a tutorial
  • For the time being, can you please encourage students to use their college emails. This helps us tag students correctly. If you see a student in you admin panel with no work attached and there should be, the likelihood is they’ve created a different account to the one we were provided. Let us know and we can merge these accounts.
  • We’re starting to create Employer Badges?—?if you have any connections with local employers and would like to see them create a badge on Kloodle, send them to this page.
  • Tagging skills?—?some students are creating great pieces of content on their profiles but forgetting to tag their skills. Here’s a reminder of how to do so.

Brilliant Bios

New students have been writing their bios on Kloodle. There have been some fantastic submissions so far?—?keep up the great work!

Teamwork Skills Week

Some colleges have implemented the first skills week from the Kloodle Scheme of Work?—?#Teamwork #Week. A framework for our Skills Weeks is available for download from your admin panel. We have seen a wide range of examples from captain of the Great British ice hockey team to building towers out of dried spaghetti and marshmellows. Remember to point out great teamwork in your next lesson and get your students to record this skill development.

What’s New

We’ve been working on reporting downloads this week. You should see the appearance of a download button in your staff admin panel shortly. This initial report will be regarding work experience, enrichment and volunteering hours.

For any additional reporting requirements, please get in touch with us on Intercom and we’d be happy to create a report that meets your needs.

Posts from our blog

This week, we’ve written about Personal Statements, Employer Badges and The Best Newsletter Ever. We’d be delighted if you have a read and let us know any opinions you may have!

Many thanks,

The Kloodle Team


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