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Commenting on Students’ Work & Personal Statements

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Kloodle enables you to comment on work your students upload. To demonstrate this, we will look at the Personal Statement section of a Kloodle profile.

1) Navigate to the group you wish to view

2) Click on the relevant student’s name and navigate to their profile

3) Click on the “Personal Statement” selection in their profile tab

4) You will see drafts of personal statements that the student has produced (to learn how a student can create a personal statement, look at the student section in this guide).

5) Click on the latest personal statement (the top one). This will take you through to the relevant page

6) Scrolling down to the bottom of the statement, you will see an area you can write your comment. Clicking post will post your comment to the student. Nobody apart from the student will be able to see this feedback.

You will also be able to see replies written by the student.


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