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Does involvement in extra curricular activities etc impact academic performance?

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Posts students make on Kloodle outlining what they’re working on, achieving and participating in fuels Kloodle’s motivation. We derive unending satisfaction discovering what the young people who use our system are doing and how these activities are contributing to their development. Photos of voluntary work, provocative blog posts outlining political opinions, classroom work, work experience anecdotes and a whole gamut of other content demonstrates the dynamism of our young people.

Our system measures the skill development that occurs in schools and colleges through these posts. We can look at activities that occur in a school and see what impact these activities have had on a student’s skill development. Ran an interview training session? You can use Kloodle to see whether a student’s interview skills has increased.

Yet, does this skill development correlate with academic achievement? Do the students who participate in more activities at school or college obtain better grades? Are students who are better at reflecting upon their learning more likely to achieve better grades?

This is a challenge we are undertaking?—?to explore the link between daily activities and achievement. We are working on a number of ideas, slated for release in September.

Our holy grail would be to show senior leaders in education that certain activities like work experience or enrichment has an impact inside the classroom. This will provide greater insight into which activities are having the most impact in a school or college and how these activities can be leveraged to increase academic performance.


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