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Employability on The Move — The Kloodle App

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Evidencing your skills and marketing yourself to potential employers can be tricky. The tool of choice for the vast majority of time has been the CV (Leonardo Da Vinci wrote one of these to the Moor of Milan to apply for a Job?—?wow).

We are now in the 21st Century and the anachronistic CV remains like a limpet clinging to the hull of an old, old wooden ship. Kloodle is here to take the game away from the CV. We believe that you are a dynamic and impressive individual, and the tool you use to market yourself to graduate employers should reflect this. You can do this and more with your Kloodle profile.

Part of the battle searching for student and graduate jobs is showcasing the skills you possess that are relevant for the position in question. The internet gives you a great opportunity to do this?—?you can demonstrate the skills you possess through photo, blog, video and documents. Kloodle allows you to do all of this in one place and tag in the skills you possess, allowing you to evidence your hard-earned skills to potential employers.

And now, it is even easier.

Kloodle has today launched the app for iPhone (android to follow). You can showcase your employability through pictures and blog posts on the move. Augment your Kloodle profile as you snap an image of you hard at work in the university laboratory, on the football field, or volunteering and raising money for charity. Write about your experiences when you get a spare minute in the form of a blog post. Tag in the skills you are demonstrating. The media will be instantly posted to your Kloodle profile and you are ready to go.

Manage your employability on the move.

Download the app via this link on your phone: –

App Store

If you haven’t already, register for a Kloodle account by clicking the button below.


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