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Episode 16: A year in Industry… An Interview with Charles Dunscombe

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It’s just Luke interviewing today, as Ross is enjoying a weekend trip down to the capital. In this episode, Charles joins me on the pod to talk about his route into the world at work. Charles has taken a role at the prestigious consultancy firm, Accenture. He attended Bath, a campus university in what is a small and quaint city, which presented a different uni experience. Moreover, Charles’ course allowed him to pursue a year in industry, where he worked on two six-month placements. This is the predominant focus of this episode, as we explore the benefits of this path. As well as this, we also touch upon Charles’ challenges at school, his passion for sartorial excellence and maintaining a long-distance relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and we hope you find it engaging.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify through this link: https://anchor.fm/thenakedstudent 

P.S. Stick around to the end to hear the guests suggested ‘_ of the Day’.


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