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First Time Login

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Once a student has signed up for Kloodle, they’ll be able to sign in for the first time. Upon signing in for the first time, they’ll be presented with this “getting started screen”. From here they’ll be walked through the process of setting up their Kloodle profile. We’ve designed this to be as easy and as quick as possible for new tutors and new tutees to get started using Kloodle. It’s very simple, and we’ll now go through it.

To get started they click the “Getting started” button. From here they’ll be able to update their basic profile information, for example, their profile picture and their name, for now, we’re going to save and continue. If at any time a lesson is cut short or the students need to move onto another task they can just close this window and come back to it later. For now we’re going to skip importing contacts from gmail, from hotmail, or form outlook.

We’re now going to continue through to tutorial. From here there are able to select their current education level, whether they are at High School, College or University and fill in the relevant details up until that point. We’re going to be a College student so we’re going to fill in our High School information. If your students need to list a grade type which isn’t listed in the current options here then please contact ‘support’, again the number to do so can be found at For now we’re going to save and continue.

The student will now be allowed to add their college institute information. We’re going to do so… now. Once the student has finished entering in this information they can click save and continue. From here they’ll have the option to add any employment details. This could be part-time work or full-time work and just helps to show how well of a rounded candidate they are. If they don’t have anything they can just ‘go to the next step’.

Congratulations, they have completed setting up the basic parts of their Kloodle profile. And this is where this tutorial terminates, thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the next one.


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