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Guest Blog — Michael Dewsbury, Ashton Sixth Form — Teamwork and Commercial Awareness

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This post welcomes Ashton Sixth Form student Michael Dewsbury to the Kloodle blog. The post describes Michael’s experiences participating in the Go4SET competition. The competition required the use of many skills such as teamwork, commercial awareness, planning, research and verbal communication. The post does a fantastic job in describing how Michael developed these skills throughout the project. You can view Michael’s public Kloodle profile here?—?

In high school I entered a program called Go4set. This was an engineering project which many other schools from across the country took part in. I was one of around 12 or 13 other students from our school. We were split into 2 groups and my group worked on an Eco friendly water system for our high school. It was never going to be made but we treated the project as if it was going to be manufactured.

We made a large Word document introducing ourselves and saying what we did for the project. My role included going on the school roof and seeing where the water system could be placed, utilizing the school’s roof space to create a water collection tank and water system for toilets or taps in the school.

I went to the finance supervisor of the school, Mr France, and worked on budgets for the project. This helped build my commercial awareness. I was also the person the most involved in making a 3D cardboard and paper model of part of the high school where the water system was to be implemented, and adding parts to the roof.

We went on several trips out of the school. One of the trips was to a college. Our school, along with several others taking part in Go4set, was given the task making things out of Mecano, which helped develop my teamwork skills. Another task involved buying and selling parts with fake currency. Another trip was to a sewage works where we took notes on how sewage was treated within the system. The last trip was to the college again to showcase our project alongside the teams in the other high schools, this demonstrated my verbal communication and ability to present.

My team won first prize. Each of us received a silver crest award, which is a certificate, and a £10 voucher.


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