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Guest Post — Teamwork by Ayesha Bukera

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Ayesha Bukera is a student at Holy Cross Sixth Form College in Bury, Lancs. She is studying Psychology, Religious Education and Biology and aspires to be a pharmacist. In her post, Ayesha discusses how she has developed her teamwork skills in lessons during her first week at College.

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Teamwork is a skill in where you are required to communicate, work together and achieve something almost impossible (that’s when you know your doing it right AND having fun). During a week of my education at Holy Cross I took part in many activities in which teamwork was essential.

The top 3 lessons I have chosen to talk about are Psychology, Religious Education and Biology…

In psychology, the task was to present something that shows a part of what we have learnt so far. My group unanimously decided to present Asch’s study on Conformity. After a few discussions and debates, I took the leadership role and put forward my idea to stage a mini drama to demonstrate the method of the study. We then presented it and our teacher instantly knew what we were trying to put across.

In religious education, our task was more practical. We were told to build a tower using 3 things and 3 things only; straws, sello-tape and scissors. The aim was to build the tallest tower in the time given. Sounds impossible right? My group and I began to think about how to 1) build at tower that will stand and 2) make it the tallest one in the room. It wasn’t easy, but we pushed through and in the end…..we didn’t win. Boo. The most important part was that we tried without giving up and we enjoyed ourselves.

Finally, in Biology, we participated in little quizzes, where, for each new topic, we would change teams. For one of the topics my team won, but for the others we came close second. It was challenging as we had to adjust to a new group of people each time, but the hardest aspect was the questions asked!


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