How badging can make it easy to capture employability skills in the curriculum

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We’re in the process of enhancing the way badges are achieved on Kloodle to make the process of capturing employability skill development easier.

We will achieve this through to do activities attached to badges.

The workflow will be as follows: –

  1. Teacher creates a badge, for example “Teamwork in Science”
  2. Teacher creates To Do items for the badge, for example “upload a blog reflecting on a time you used teamwork in science”, “upload a photo of an activity you did in the classroom that demonstrates teamwork”
  3. Teacher sets the badges to students through tagging
  4. Students complete the todo and submit the badge
  5. The Kloodle team mark submissions
  6. You have some nice data and evidence around how teamwork is evidenced in your science lessons

Here’s a few slides demonstrating the workflow from a student’s perspective.


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