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How Kloodle Can Help Record Employability Skills Development That Occurs Through TL&A

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Employability skills development touches two main sections of the OFSTED Common Inspection Framework: Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment and Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.

Ofsted has produced a guide on Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment. This document contains the following point: –

Measuring TLA through grades is easy as academic marks are hard data that can be transferred into any Management Information System. Recording progress of employability skills is more problematic. Kloodle provides a system for capturing, evidencing and recording this development.

We deliver this through badges. Here’s an example: –

Students complete each of the To Dos on the badge. They then submit the badge and earn it if the required work is present (your friendly neighbourhood Kloodle rep will mark all badge submissions?—?we know teachers are busy!).

By completing the badge, students create the evidence you require to demonstrate to Ofsted that “teamwork” is being developed through your TLA strategy.

The To Dos for each badge are customisable. You can design each to do to prompt the evidence you feel you need. We’ll work with SLT to design the badges. This is done in a three step process: –

  1. Kloodle suggests the required badges and creates them
  2. A review meeting is called with SLT to go through the badges and suggest amends
  3. Kloodle implements amends and sets the badges live

By designing a framework of Bronze, Silver and Gold badges, you can create tasks that, once complete, builds up all of the evidence you need for Ofsted.

E.g. You could create a “Bronze Award” that consists of the following badges: –

  • Teamwork
  • Resillience
  • Creativity
  • British Values
  • Enrichment
  • Work Experience
  • Organisation
  • Punctuality

You can then monitor Bronze Award completion (Kloodle marks the badges and administers the awards) and can see quickly that if all students have received a bronze award, you have all the required evidence for Ofsted.


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