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How to Mass Invite Your Staff Members to Kloodle

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You may want to bulk invite all of your staff members to Kloodle. You can do this by following these steps: –

Log in to your main college admin account.


Click on the “Staff” option in the left hand menu


You’ll be presented with the following screen. Click on the “Add Staff” button at the top


You’ll be presented with the following screen. Click the “Import Several Staff Members” button.


The next screen will invite you to upload a CSV file. The CSV file needs to have the column headings “full_name” and “email” (without the quotation marks?—?see more below).


When setting up the CSV file, set the column headings to full_name and email. DO NOT OMIT THE UNDERSCORE


Enter the full name and email of the person you wish to invite


Once you have inputted all of the staff members’ names, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. The screenshot below is for a Mac user. For Excel: –

  • Select “Save As”
  • Change the file extension type to “CSV”
  • Click save


Go back to Kloodle and the upload file screen. Click Upload and select the CSV you have just created.


The file will be listed next to the uploader.


Click “Upload File”. The next screen will show you the names of people you have included in your spreadsheet. Check the names and emails at this point.

Click “Send Invites”. This will send out invitations to the cohort of staff you uploaded. The next screen will show who has signed up and who hasn’t (tick or cross).



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