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Ideas for Employer-led Activities

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Here are some ideas for the type of activities you could get a student to undertake via a Kloodle badge. These activities are designed to demonstrate particular skills a student is developing throughout their education:-

? upload evidence of specific skills* as prioritised by your business, for instance, a time you demonstrated resilience, creativity or problem solving;

? show evidence of teamwork or leadership working within a group scenario (with a minimum of 3 other people);

? write about an issue close to your own heart and the actions you have taken to show your interest or passion;

? blog about a specific work related area;

? record current work experience and meet the criteria for the Kloodle bronze / silver / gold work experience badge;

? complete a specified number of work experience hours related to your sector;

? interview a professional from your field and either upload a video, photo or blog of their findings;

? produce a research paper on a specified area of your business which may include new technologies or new initiatives;

? create a 20 second vlog describing yourself as a person;

? host a lunchtime or after college lesson which requires the student to teach their peers a new topic, skill or raise awareness of a new initiative;

? make a poster to raise awareness of a new concept within your sector;

? visit a place of significance to your sector and blog about your findings, for instance a museum, a retail park or a recreational area;

? create a digital resource that could be used for a specified purpose within your industry;

? run a new society, for instance, a debate club, finance group or film society;

? demonstrate an awareness of digital influence by creating an online social media campaign around an issue important to your company’s ethos;

? raise money for a charity, students should blog about how they organised, publicised and financed the event;

? develop a project or novel activity related to your business (for instance, design a new environmentally friendly mobile phone);

? conduct some level of mentoring with younger students;

? task students with completing specified extension reading?—?this might be as simple as following a current news story and showing a balanced understanding of different sides of the story;

? screenshot examples of specific competencies (e.g. numeracy, ICT or practical mastery of a task). * these are suggestions and could include whichever employability skill you prioritise. Blogging can be limited to a specific character count.

These are a few “starter for ten” ideas. Employer led activities are extremely important in developing student understanding of the work place and facilitating skill development.

When designing a task, think about the skills your industry most needs and challenges you can set students to really demonstrate these skills.


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