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Kloodle’s summer Bingo

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With summer round the corner and the hottest summer on record pending (supposedly) what are you looking forward to the most??

Kloodle has made the epic new game “British Summer Bingo!” A complexed game of bingo, where by participants mark down classic British sightings in a race for the epic call “HOUSE”. Ready??


Sighting 1?—?Topless skinny chav (bonus point for bulldog tattoo).
Sighting 2?—?Man in 3/4 length shorts (bonus points for can of stella).
Sighting 3?—?Inappropriate high heels.
Sighting 4?—?Person complaining that England is too hot.
Sighting 5?—?Person sun bathing in a ridiculous place.
Sighting 6?—?Bad tan lines of epic proportion.
Sighting 7?—?Sunglasses that cover more than a 3rd of the face.
Sighting 8?—?Hearing an ice cream van but not being able to see it.
Sighting 9?—?playing BBQ bingo…” is it cooked? We will see if I’m ill tomorrow”.
Sighting 10?—?Any man wearing a vest with jeans.
Sighting 11?—?Exceptionally poor application of fake tan.
Sighting 12?—?Panda eyes.
Sighting 13?—?The snowman…That smell of too much sun cream…safety first.
Sighting 14?—?Child crying after dropping an ice cream.
Sighting 15?—?OAP complete with full suit and jumper.

Good Luck to all involved, please let us know when you have won, there is a prize waiting, but we will need proof of completion!!

Here’s to an epic summer, enjoy!!


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