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Kloodle Mark Scheme

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We are in the process of developing a Kloodle Mark Scheme for the work we receive from students to achieve badges. Our motives are 2 fold: –

  1. To ensure quality of badges awarded to students
  2. To ensure students understand what a good piece of evidence looks like.

We want students to be able to look at our mark scheme like they would do a mark scheme for an exam. We want them to be able to see the variations in quality and what a model answer would look like.

We also want to ensure the quality of Kloodle badges. People awarded a badge at a certain level should be guaranteed a certain quality.

You can have a look at our first draft here?—?this is our internal copy and will be honed and developed over time. Let us know your thoughts!


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Phillip is co-founder of Kloodle.

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