Kloodle Skills Weeks make embedding employability into the curriculum easy

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Curriculum staff are busy. They are teaching an ever-increasing syllabus which creates time constraints and prevents the teaching of additional topics. Gatsby Benchmarks, and now Ofsted Framework, calls for the embedding of careers into the curriculum. Kloodle Skills Weeks make this easy.

We interviewed an Ofsted inspector recently who told us that “careers in the curriculum is as easy as shifting the focus of the lesson from the content to the skills the lesson is building, for example developing analytical skills in Maths”.

Kloodle skills weeks provide a series of 10 skill related weeks. During these weeks, the whole school or college concentrate on the skill in question. Each lesson aims to identify examples of the week’s skill in the classroom. Learners then create work evidencing that particular skill and post it to their Kloodle profile, tagging in that particular skill and attaching it to the “Skill Week” activity.

As a result, you are then able to report on the activity and demonstrate the impact you have had during that week on the employability skill in question.


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