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Kloodle TV — First Show Review

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So the dust has settled on our first attempt of Kloodle Television?—?how did we do?

In our opinion, we didn’t do half bad actually. The first show was an attempt to get across the importance of having a platform like kloodle and how CVs will become obsolete as technology impinges on our lives more and more. We think we got across that point well.

The job market today is like at no other time in history. The skills required by today’s work force is changing at a rate never before seen. In order to stay ahead of the game, you have to be an individual who embraces continual learning. A static CV simply does not show this learning.

For example?—?you teach yourself how to build websites. You are a Biology graduate. Where does your new-found skill go in a CV? Probably in the “extra activities” section to be overlooked as a hobby by any potential employer.

With kloodle, you can demonstrate this skill in person, dynamically and powerfully to be seen by any potential employer. Right under their nose. That ability to show hard evidence of your skills is a huge advantage over CVs, and the ability to continually update your skills portfolio as you go through your career is a huge advantage.

Our first show discusses the implications of these facts for todays job seeker. We discuss how the current social media trinity of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are partial solutions to this “dynamic problem”, and how employers try to piece together info using these three profiles. We also point out that this is far from ideal, but should be in the back of the minds of any job seeker.

The show also has a bit of fun incorporated in the form of our special guest moose?—?Yerk. From the fjords of Norway, Yërk has been in Bury too long and has a penchant for expensive european lager and scientifically testing just how much of this his liver can process. Each week, Yërk will be sampling the delights of these lagers for our viewers, and will be casting his opinion.

This weeks choice?—?Leffe.

Yerks opinion? Horrible, dont waste your hard earned Euros. Although the tepid temperature due to zero refrigeration may have been a crucial factor. We need to sample a cold one.

We hope you enjoyed the show, your suggestions for next weeks show are gratefully received.

If you missed it, watch it on kloodle.tv here: http://kloodle.tv/liveshow/episode-1/.



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