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My New Favourite Tool

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I have always been a fan of a todo list. A good old todo list provides you with great clarity and direction on the tasks you are meant to be doing that day. Focus and direction are pivotal ingredients to a productive day, and hence, a good todo list is the fulcrum.


The humble piece of paper has always been my choice of weapon. I am a fan of scribbling down notes and try to keep a notebook of all of my thoughts and ideas for future reference. Also, future humour, as some of my ideas seem fairly wacky through the lens of retrospect! However, with Kloodle starting to get teeth and my duties and requirements augment, I wanted a tool that is both more powerful and providing greater clarity.

I believe I have found that tool and that tool is Trello.

Trello is a series of cards that act as your to do list. You create a series of “ladders” upon which you hang your cards. Your ladders act like a category, and the cards on the rungs of the ladder represent the to do items within that category. I have a category for Kloodle, for family matters, for cricket and for fitness. I also have a do this week ladder and a do today ladder, then a done ladder. The idea is, you can shift your cards between these categories with a drag and drop. Easy stuff.

The interface is highly visual and allows you to gain a birds eye perspective over all of your activities. It gives you a real sense of where you are at.

I love the tool?—?sign yourself up and I guarantee you you will find yourself using it on a daily basis!


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