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New Website for John Lewis Partnership Careers

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The John Lewis Partnership have launched their new careers website which can be found at

The John Lewis Partnership houses companies such as the John Lewis department store and Waitrose, and have been in the news of late due to fantastic performances over the last few years. Interestingly, the group attribute this to a strong use of online sales channels and interaction, which has in turn boosted the footfall through the store’s doors and increased sales.

The group offer graduate schemes in retail leadership, finance, buying, and technology. With such a wide variety of opportunities, you are sure to find something of relevance and interest.

The new website provides graduates with all the information they could ever need. We know that preparation and research are the key to making a great job application, and with this new website, the John Lewis Partnership provides all the information you could ever need for making a great, tailored job application.

Check out the skills that they require for your particular niche. Jump on your Kloodle profile and create media which evidences such skills. For example, the John Lewis Management Scheme states a requirement for commercial awareness. Why not create a blog post synopsis about news you have read that affects the retail sector. Analyse the article, its implications and impacts, and identify areas the business could improve and capitalise upon. Such a post would provide strong evidence for your commercial awareness.

Such resources are invaluable to graduates. The information provided on this new website by John Lewis is invaluable, and a real asset to anyone applying to their scheme. For that, we congratulate them.

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