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Our Purpose

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We believe the process is far more important than end results. What you learn, how you behave, what you contribute and what you achieve on a daily basis has much more impact of future success, over time.

Your results tell the sliver of a story.

No teacher commenced their career to improve results: they either had passion for a subject or wanted to help learners develop as people. The pressure of “progression grades” and “value added” dampens this spirit. At Kloodle, we want to focus on a learner’s daily development. A culture of “is this on the exam, Miss?” is the death of education. We want to bring back the joy of developing knowledge, skills and character.

How do we do this?

We do this through badging.

Badges are a series of activities that help students reflect upon every learning situation they encounter in schools or college. Every activity a learner undertakes has some underlying meaning, an aspect of self-development that will propel them forward in their life or their career. These learning situations are what makes schools and colleges tick. Through badges, learners begin to understand they are improving each and every day. Even setbacks improve resilience and strength of character.

Kloodle celebrates this process.


We can design a badge for every learning situation. We guarantee it.

These badges will help students reflect upon the skills they’re developing. Every day, outstanding practice is missed in favour of looking to the future and the impact you’re having on exam grades.

We believe this is a travesty.

10 years out of education and the things you’ll remember are the learning experiences. A great lesson. A class trip. Great friends, great teachers and great moments. People forget their GCSE grades, yet in the midst of it all, this is the pre-occupation. Students are brainwashed into thinking exams are most important aspect of life. Weaker learners are premature failures, stronger learners are premature successes?—?young people believe they have succeeded or failed before they even start. At Kloodle, we want to help learners find where their skills lie, and show them that they are developing these skills every day. Each experience is a success, even if you get 10% in an algebra test. You’ll become more resilient, harder working and learn how to overcome adversity, but only if it is framed like that. Closed classrooms reinforce the feeling of failure. Open classrooms champion the growth mindset. Kloodle is a vehicle for the growth mindset.

All of these moments can be captured by a badge. Moments can then be reflected upon to earn the badge, helping the student derive learning from each and every situation. Engagement with learning increases. Students realise their education is a daily process, not a sprint for the finish.

If we can’t create a badge that displays the learning that occurs in every situation, we’ll reimburse your licence fee. Let us know if you can think of a situation?—?we love a challenge!

Want to speak to us about the type of badges you can create? Give us a call on 0161 468 2724

This is the direction the world is heading in. Here’s a snippet of LinkedIn’s “50 trends for 2019”.


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