Press Release — Former Bury students launch innovative ‘next generation CV’ - Kloodle

Press Release — Former Bury students launch innovative ‘next generation CV’

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A group of former students from Bury have launched an innovative new concept which aims to significantly enhance graduates’ chances of obtaining jobs in the ever competitive careers market. Kloodle, which is an on-line CV that allows students to showcase their work in a highly dynamic and interactive way, is already proving a huge success with the company agreeing partnerships with colleges and universities in the area, whilst also in negotiations with a number of significant investors.

Founders of the company, Phillip Hayes, 27, a Bury College student, and Andrew Donnelly, 27, Steven Cheetham, 26, and John Coles, 18, all former Holy Cross graduates, decided to look into the concept after market research revealed employers value a candidate’s personality, often above their qualifications. So when students build their profile using a Kloodle CV it gives them the ability to customise and showcase their work and interests through the vast range of tools available to them.

“Kloodle incorporates your traditional CV data into a highly dynamic on-line profile,” explains company CEO Phillip Hayes. “You can post blogs, showcase coursework, upload pictures, stream video content and much more?—?this all helps enrich the experience for potential employers and gives them a real insight into the candidate. This is much more effective than a static piece of white paper, where recruiters can only judge based on UCAS points and GCSE grades.”

This ‘next generation CV’ has already been extremely well received and the company are currently building a portfolio of universities that have agreed to incorporate Kloodle into their enrolment process, including Bolton University and St John’s University in York, with the business aiming to role the system out to Universities nationwide over the course of the year.

Kloodle co-founder Andrew Donnelly comments; “The idea is that ultimately we want students to begin to use Kloodle from college or even school onwards, adding to their profile rather than to a CV type document as early as possible. Sites such as LinkedIn are commonly used by employers to recruit, however these can be quite corporate and as they tend to showcase those with significant experience we felt they didn’t fairly represent the 18–25 bracket. Kloodle fills this gap in the market in a very unique and vibrant way. Plus it is completely free of charge, as we simply aim to help and open up the market.”

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