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Quick Start Guide

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This is a short list of the basic activities on Kloodle with links to their tutorial: –

  1. Creating Groups on Kloodle for managing students
  2. Signing your students up to Kloodle
  3. Posting content to tag in skills on Kloodle
  4. Setting the privacy of your students
  5. Creating action plans
  6. Comparing the progression of your students on Kloodle
  7. Setting bespoke skills tags
  8. Posting vacancies to your students
  9. Recording work experience hours on Kloodle
  10. Accessing Kloodle support / live chat


  1. Spend 10 minutes looking through your newsfeed and commenting on your students’ uploads. This is the simplest and most powerful thing you can do.
  2. Post content to your college-wide account such as links to information articles, photos that celebrate students’ work, links to informational YouTube videos, college / school notices, long form written blogs etc
  3. Use the groups to interact with students. Create a careers group and post content about careers. Create a subject specific group and post homework information, downloads of PowerPoints used in the lesson, answers to FAQs, information on activities etc.
  4. Encourage the download of the Kloodle app and get students to upload a photo during activities that demonstrate employability skills
  5. Post work experience opportunities and vacancies to Kloodle and encourage the management of the vacancies through Kloodle
  6. Use the action plans as part of the one to one processes of the college. Set goals on Kloodle and require evidence that the goal has been hit on a student’s profile
  7. Use the blog as the medium for posting longer form content homework
  8. Invite local professionals such as lawyers, doctors, dentists etc to create a profile and create a group?—?they will then be able to act as a mentor through this group.
  9. Encourage past successful students at particular universities to create a group for their university r university course. Once they’re at their university, new students can ask questions in that group and gain answers from their peers.
  10. Likewise, apprentices can also create groups and help champion apprenticeships as a route.

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