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Ranking by Skill

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We’re building a scoring system for student profiles and their employability skills. This will allow people to quickly determine the strongest profiles on Kloodle in particular skill areas.

The skills and profile attributes will also be combined into an overall Kloodle Score. We’ll write a post at a later date describing the attributes baked into this Kloodle score.

First Challenge

Our first challenge will be to amalgamate potential skill labels into “super headings”. These headings will capture all employability skills in their particular category.

Here’s our starter for 10. The main categories are in bold. The skills which add to those categories are listed next to the main skill: –

Teamwork: respect, thoughtfulness, collaboration, supportive;
Interpersonal: verbal communication, literacy, persuasion, listening, confidence, networking, thoughtfulness, empathy;
Leadership: decisiveness, accountability;
 Numeracy: number, financial awareness, budgeting, accountancy, accounting;
 Written communication: reading, writing;
 Digital: Information technology, coding, use of internet, social media;
 Commercial: entrepreneurship, business awareness, customer service, negotiation skills;
Organisation: time management, evaluation, planning, reflection, professionalism;
Resilience: resilience, ambition, adaptability, flexibility; 
Self Management: motivation, sensibility, attendance, goal setting, independence, reliability, punctuality, drive;
 Problem solving: resourcefulness, reasoning, ‘analytical skills, investiging, finding solutions; 

Have we missed anything? Let us know!


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