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Reflecting on Work Experience Using Kloodle Badges

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Work experience is becoming more prominent. Ofsted are looking at records of work experience. T Levels require participation as part of the course. Many systems record a student’s participation in work experience, but we believe Kloodle has two great strengths: –

  1. A student must create content reflecting on the skills they develop in order to achieve the work experience badge
  2. This can then be shared with an employer

Kloodle captures work experience through our badging system. Badges are a series of activities designed to get learners to create content reflecting on their learning and skill development.

Here’s an example of the process in full.

You can see the series of challenges on the right hand side of the badge which outlines the type of work a student must upload in order to achieve the badge.

The first step is to create an item of employment which provides details of the work experience placement itself: –

The second challenge might require you to upload a photo in the workplace

You then might set students the challenge of recording a short video describing a task they had to do in the work place: –

Work experience goat action

These pieces of work can then be used to: –

  1. Demonstrate learning on work experience to Ofsted
  2. Share with an employer

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