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Rejig of Badge Locations

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We have rejigged the locations of some badges on Kloodle. This is to make the progression more logical and to follow the teacher lesson plans.

We have split the badges into the following two categories: –

  • Basic
  • Skill

The basic badges help get students up and running with the basics of their profile. The skill badges contain the skills weeks that students undertake throughout the year.

The new structure mirrors the layout of the Kloodle teacher resources. For example, if we want to commence our Bio lesson, we can go to the teacher resource section and see that the bio lesson is lesson 3.

We can click on the link to download the lesson plan.

We can also click the “View Tutorial” button to see how a student would complete the badge.

From a student’s perspective, the two main badge sections are now the top two buttons in their newsfeed.

We can click the “Basics” button (as the bio is part of the basics series) and activate the badge associated with this lesson plan.

The basic badges cover all of the activities prefixed “LESSON X” in your resources section.

The resources prefixed “Skills Week -” correspond to the badges housed in the “Skills” section (green button). Students access the skills week badges by clicking this button.

This should make the process of completing a profile and evidencing skills nice and easy. The lesson plans are laid out sequentially. Students merely have to work through their profile in the order specified by the badges.

The badge descriptions also contains detailed directions of what a student needs to do to complete each badge. A student could, quite conceivably, take each badge in turn and generate a fantastic profile.

The badges are marked by Kloodle and feedback is provided. This will help students generate a quality profile.


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