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Responding to an Application On Kloodle

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Managing applications on Kloodle enables you to effectively select which candidates progress in their application, and who would be unsuccessful You can manage an application as thus.

Log in to an account with management privileges (main organisation account or an admin account)


Click on the “Applications” option in the left hand menu. You will see all the applications that have been made to vacancies you have posted.


Clicking on the “View Application” button presents this screen: –


Clicking on the “View Applicant” button presents this screen. You can tab through the applicant’s profile here.


You can also navigate to the applicant’s profile by clicking “View applicant” in the menu of the application. We’re going to click on “Write Response”. This allows us to customise a response to the user. Alternatively, we can click: –

  • Accept?—?an automated acceptance email will be sent to the user. You’ll need to follow up independently with the required next steps
  • Decline?—?an automated decline email will be sent


Clicking “Write Response” presents the following screen: –


We can start to compose our message. It might be useful, if you are declining, to point out where the applicant could improve their application and encourage resubmission.


Once you click “Submit response”, the applicant will be notified of your decision and receive your message as an email.



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