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#StudentWork — Kloodle Bio by Peter Freeman

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Below is a fantastic example of a Kloodle bio from City of Liverpool College student, Peter Freeman.

Hey, my name is Peter Freeman, I’m a 19 year old student living in Liverpool. I am currently studying a level 3 BTEC qualification in Media Production, on top of this i’ve studied and achieved a level 2 qualification in Media production. From the level 2 qualification it began to create my skills to grow and use whilst on my level 3 course, this was also a good choice for me because it allowed for me to confirm my decision to go into the media industry. The techniques I’ve been learning throughout my course has varied from camera techniques and to editing and post production techniques. These will be useful for me as they will be a key stepping stone for me to move into higher education easier.

My decision for me to move into higher education will be a definite one with the multiple opportunities this will create for me, the university that is my first choice is located in London. I decided this would be the best university for my career path as it would allow me to surround myself within the industry. The university is Ravensborne, the reason i wanted t go to this university was it allowed exciting and new opportunities in a creative and fresh environment. My pathway would be to go down a post-production and editing course as thats what i’ve aways loved to do and still love. I found my passion for editing when I first watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, the genre of this film is a comedy and romantic type. I then thought whether I could change this, I changed the pace, tempo, sound and lighting of the scenes and introduced different cuts of my own. By the time I was done I had turned a comedic funny film into a horror and atmospheric thriller. I then began doing this to all sorts of videos whilst learning and developing my skills I found my passion for editing along the way.


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