Thank Kloodle it’s French Friday. - Kloodle

Thank Kloodle it’s French Friday.

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So today, Friday 28th February 2014, marks the first official French Friday in the Kloodle office…

The premise that Phil and I will be partaking in a romantic home cooked (the night before) meal accompanied with a cheeky glass of vin rouge… It’s good for the heart.

Today we dined upon a wonderful chicken curry with rice, mild in spice but rich in flavour. With several varieties of vegetables in there and lots of tender chicken thigh meat.

No feast is complete without a good source of grape juice though, today we sampled a delicious merlot. Hardy’d estd. 1853 provided a varietal range Merlot from 2013 with a smooth and mellow taste. It’s fruity and and very easy to drink.

Traditionally, curry and wine do not tend to compliment each other, but this isn’t actually a bad combination.

A wonderful start to what will be the weekly instalment of French Friday.


It is that time of the week again. 14:00 on Friday 7th March, French Friday. The time when all our inhibitions are left behind at the bottom of a glass of red.

This week’s food was indeed provided by the always charming, handsome, sophisticated, modest Steven Cheetham and was a homemade chilli. To avoid the extra weight gain that this office does not need, we decided against rice with todays lunch but let the extra lean beef mince mix its wonderful tastes and aromas with the hearty paprika, rich tomatoes and pungent chilli to provide a charming and bone warming treat.

This week’s wine hails from north Spain. Berberana to be precise and is a wonderful fruity rioja. This is a wine for one with a sophisticated pallet and offers a delicious smooth aftertaste. Perfect with the beef within the chilli and could be easily enjoyed on its own. The bottle is a 2008 Reserva and is from the D’avalos Etiqueta Negra winery.

Founded in 1877 the Bodega in Cenicero in the Rioja Alta is now a modern winery with ageing facilities housing over 50,000 barrels and producing wine of the highest standard.

Known for its consistent quality and range of wines both traditional and modern, Berberana is at the forefront of modern winemaking technology whilst at the same time mindful of the tradition and history that has made Rioja one of the classic wine regions of the world.

Berberana D’avalos Etiqueta Negra Reserva is one of the top two bestsellers of the entire Berberana range. A must try if ever I have tasted one.

Until next week. Au révoir.


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