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The best newsletter ever

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My daughter has started a new nursery. She has to wear a uniform and attend assemblies. She feels grown up. If you say she’s a big girl, though, she’ll correct you; “no, I’m still tiny”. She knows she can get away with more if she stays tiny.

We got our first newsletter from nursery last week. It is a masterpiece in communication. Its beauty lies in the reason it has been written: to inform parents what their little cherubs have been doing at nursery.

Each sentence serves that purpose.

“What would each parent like to know about their child’s week at nursery?”

All the paragraphs and sentences are then constructed to fulfil that purpose.

“In phonics, we have been singing ‘I am the music man’ and experimenting with different sounds. We have some very musical children. Please ask your child about it”

The paragraph is ultra-simple, but it communicates. It tells me what my daughter is doing, and suggests I speak to her about it. It conveys information effectively and concisely. It answers the question that every parent has.

Great writing does just that. It has a clear purpose and provides the information necessary to communicate that purpose. In the age of social media, this newsletter is a beacon. It is necessary. It isn’t contrived. It provides information I want to know. It doesn’t add to noise or clutter. It is written with me in mind.

I will be using this as a blueprint for all of my communication from now on.


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