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The Day Your Careers Department Became Social

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Kloodle aims to play a part in the progression point of all young people. That’s why we founded the company. We want a student’s educational journey to be more than grades alone.

One way we assist progression is by allowing careers departments to post job vacancies to their Kloodle profile. Students will, as a result, interact more with these vacancies.

Many students progress on to work after college. Careers departments create relationships with local employers, helping students to find employment with these organisations. Kloodle allows your careers departments to post these vacancies to students. Vacancies will then appear in students’ Kloodle news feeds. Students are able to click through to that vacancy, and apply using their Kloodle profile.

A student’s Kloodle profile is an ongoing piece of work. The best profiles are updated throughout the year and describe the journey a student has taken, the skills they have accrued and evidence of those skills. When applying for a vacancy posted on Kloodle, their profile is shared with the careers department and the potential employer. This provides a rich array of information about that particular student.

The careers department and potential employer are able to sift through students’ profiles. They can reply to applications using Kloodle Messages. At some colleges, careers departments have filtered applications on behalf of companies. They have used Kloodle Messages to provide pointers on how applicants can improve their offerings. They forward the best applications to the employer.

Careers departments can also create profiles on behalf of a employer. This allows local organisations to have a branded presence on Kloodle. Careers departments can post vacancies for that employer to their branded profile. The branding of vacancies with an employer’s colours helps to provide variety in a student’s newsfeed and creates brand association for students with local employers.

Posting vacancies and applying for jobs should be easy. Colleges’ current systems have included “the special ring binder”, “the notice board”, or the “broad brush email”. Kloodle brings this together into one community. We allow careers departments to enhance their relationships with local employers by providing better access to their students, and allowing greater promotion of their organisation.

By making it easier for local organisations to access your students, Kloodle will increase the number of students who gain meaningful employment.


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