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The Staff Admin Panel

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As a member of staff, you have access to the Kloodle Admin Panel. This enables you to gauge a clear overview of the activity that is occurring within your groups, as well as perform certain management tasks.

Clicking on “Admin Options” provides you with a drop down menu that allows you to access all of the options for a Kloodle teacher account.

The first tab enables you to see all the students in your college and search through them.

From this page,you are able to mass invite students which we cover in this tutorial.

Toggling through the options in the admin menu allows you to see the content each student has uploaded of that particular variety. As an admin, you can delete content that a student may post by clicking the “Delete” button in the admin panel.

Personal Statements

Action Plans






Employment?—?Experiences highlighted in light blue are work experience entries. You can read more about this in this post.


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