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Want to Study Automotive Engineering? Head to University of Bolton

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Kloodle is delighted to have developed links with Bolton University, and as a result of this, we were invited to a Saturday morning careers event designed to attract future Automotive Engineers?—?the guys who will win future Grand Prix for the drivers with their engineering wizardry and technical knowhow.

The more we see Bolton University, the more we are impressed. The forward-thinking nature of the university and the pipelines they have built with industry make the university everything an institution hell bent on preparing it’s students for work should be. The facilities we have seen, both sporting and engineering in nature, are a fantastic environment within which a student can launch their career. Not to mention the law school, with it’s fully equipped courtroom. This is a university that is differentiating itself from the rest by providing the type of facilities you would expect from a world class institution.

The course in Automotive Engineering epitomises this fresh thinking in terms of education. The event of Saturday morning was the perfect illustration of this. This was essentially an open day for potential students. I ask the question, what open day in the country boasts a host who has presented the Krypton Factor and the North West News, an F1 team owner, the head of the British Racing Drivers Club, an Emmerdale actor, and the director of a super car firm? It would appear that Bolton University doesn’t do half measures!

This was the type of event that really inspires people to take up the course they are designed to approach. It also helps when your course boasts a live F1 team to work with on site, a talent pipeline to super car firm Keatings, and a workshop that would be the envy of F1 teams.

The F1 team are RLR, a team which boasts an all British contingent, and Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher as a driver (for whom the mrs has a slight soft spot, damn that good looking soap hunk). Having a real, live F1 team on your campus is such a draw card, any student with a penchant for motorsport will surely be like a kid at christmas at the prospect of working in this environment.

Students are given heavy responsibility from day 1. The projects that crop up as part of the course are run like real-life projects, with students given responsibility for the successful outcome of these projects?—?under the guidance of experienced academic staff and industry professionals of course!

The course is also rich in academic rigour, as you would expect from an engineering course. This is a huge plus point as it enables the students to transfer their skills across a number of engineering genres and still remain a valid engineering option. This opens a wide range of doors to University of Bolton graduates, leaving them with a host of employment options after university.

The course places heavy emphasis on skill generation through actually doing. The hands-on nature of the course provides students with experience in the job they actually want to be doing?—?it helps that the magnificent facilities here are on hand to assist them in this. This ethos aligns perfectly with that of kloodle’s. We believe that graduates should be developing skills and evidencing them to the wider employment community. With a course like Automotive Engineering, you need to be able to demonstrate what you can actually do. Kloodle will enable you to do this effectively. With the opportunities available to do really valuable things at Bolton University, you should have no shortage of evidence to upload!

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