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We’re Hiring Apprentices — the Kloodle Way!

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Part of our plan for uncovering tech talent here at Kloodle involves the recruitment of apprentices. We are currently hiring new web development apprentices (vacancy here), and as part of the process, we are using (yes, you guessed it) Kloodle!

When hiring, there are two main difficulties you have to overcome: –

1) Candidate attraction

2) Differentiation between applicants.

Kloodle has helped us with both of these aspects. Firstly, we have been able to post the vacancy out on Kloodle and in the Kloodle newsletter. This has attracted people back to the site and resulted in a number of applications. Also, we are using The Manchester College to administer our apprenticeship. They have a course in IT and Web Development which would enable our apprentice to hone his / her skills and develop professionally. The college has advertised the vacancy through their channels, also attracting people back to the site and our application process.

My favourite aspect of Kloodle is achieving differentiation between candidates. We built a number of creative tasks into our job advert. Applicants have to complete these tasks using their Kloodle profile. Here’s the ad again to see how we did this. Tasks such as the skills we need to see evidenced in a blog post, photos we would like to see, and my particular favourite, the inclusion of the line “I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition” in an applicant’s bio to demonstrate attention to detail.

We have received our first few applications, having advertised the post for three days, and the process has been a joy!

We’ll keep you posted on how the interviews go and introduce the successful candidate.


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