What do you want to be when you grow up?— Careers Advice in Primary Schools Editorial

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A teacher, perhaps?

The government has proposed that primary school children should receive careers education. On the surface, this will lead to nods of agreement. How can learning about careers at an earlier stage be anything but beneficial? The reality, however, is slightly more nuanced.

My colleagues have written two fascinating blogs on this matter. The first is an excellent and informative summary of the rationale and impact behind introducing careers advice into primary schools and outlines an approach that focuses on skill development, employer-led activity and pathway discovery and includes a description of how Kloodle can help with this. The second is a persuasive argument against superfluous information such as “expected salary” in favour of a skills based approach and is written by a parent of a primary school child.

The issue has sparked debate from various sectors?—?employers to parents; teachers to students. We’d be delighted to hear any opinions you may have on the blogs written, or on the concept in general. You can do so by contributing to this LinkedIn thread.


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