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Work Experience — Recording Time Spent

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Students can record the time they spend on work experience, as well as record the skills they acquire, through Kloodle. Here’s how: –

Log in to your student account on Kloodle and navigate to your profile. Click on the “Employment” tab.

Click “New Experience”. Select “Experience” from the two choices at the top of this screen and then fill in the rest of the details.

Click back to your profile and to the work experience section. Click “View” on the work experience item you’ve just created.

Near to the bottom, you will see options of “Articles”, “Photos”, “Videos” and “Documents”. Here, you can create items of evidence of your work experience. Let’s use a blog as an example.

Click “Post Article”

Write about your experiences, and tag in the relevant skills, as usual on Kloodle. This time, however, you will see a box where you can record the volume of time you spent on that particular task or piece of evidence. Select the amount of hours in the dropdown.

When you click “Save” you will now see the “Time Logged” in the header card of this piece of work experience.

Clicking back to your profile, you will see the number of hours work experience you have recorded on Kloodle.

You can continue to add pieces of evidence and watch the time go up.


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