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Auditing your skills: An Activity

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What you will need


Watch the video


The following video will walk you through the activities required


Activities without the video


Here are the activities for people who do not want to watch the video…..


Define the term “Skill”…….



List as many “skills” as you can……


Audit the skills of a career you’re interested in and think of examples from your own life


Identify the gaps and activities you can participate in to address these gaps




Complete your skills audit – here’s how (a description is also in the video above)


Log in to your student profile


Ensure you are on the “Dash” tab of your profile


Under your skills wheel, you’ll see a button entitled “Initial Skills Assessment”




Click the button


Complete the star ratings – be honest! This works best if there are distinctions between your best and worst skills



Click “Publish” at the bottom of the page




You’ll see a red wheel on your skills wheel. This is your baseline assessment.


Create posts based on your skills audit


Log in to your profile & click “Create Post”



Give the post a title


Upload any photos, videos and documents that evidence your participation


Use the description section to describe how you demonstrated the skills


Tag in the skills & click “Publish”



Navigate back to your profile and see how your skills wheel has grown








What’s next?


The next thing to do is to complete your bio.


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