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City in the Community and Kloodle

Oliver Murphy, Higher Education Officer, at City in the Community says: “This is an exciting new relationship with Kloodle, which will help our learners on their journey towards developing critical skills and confidence.

“Kloodle is an asset that helps us to take our City Careers’ delivery to the next level – providing our learners with an invaluable tool that creates a tangible understanding of their skills and development. We have also seen a catalogue of examples in which the participants have demonstrated their progress through a range of activities and achievements.”

History and Purpose of City in the Community

Founded in 1986, City in the Community is Manchester City’s charity.

Its purpose is to empower healthier lives with city youth through football. Coaches use the hook of the Club to engage Greater Manchester in meaningful programmes, which are categorised by three outcome-based pillars: healthy people, healthy futures and healthy communities.

Everything City in the Community does is designed to address the ever-changing needs of Manchester, via tangible, regular, sustained and high-quality contact time. Internationally, it uses its vast experience to support global communities through shared learnings and practice, on behalf of Manchester City.

City Careers Programme

One of CITC’s flagship initiatives is the City Careers Programme, an eight-week employability course aimed at young people from areas of deprivation. This programme equips participants with essential life skills and qualifications to enhance their employability and educational prospects.

How the City Careers Programme Works

Participants in the City Careers Programme engage in practical workshops and training sessions focused on developing ‘soft’ employability skills. These include CV and cover letter writing, interview practice, and job application strategies. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to gain qualifications such as the ASDAN Level 1 Award in Employability Skills, First Aid Qualification, and Food Hygiene and Sale2Site Online CSCS qualifications.

Utilisation of Kloodle Platform

To further support participants in building skills and confidence, City Careers integrates the use of the Kloodle digital platform. Through Kloodle, students can:

Kloodle enhances employability prospects by providing a centralised space for skill development, reflection and recognition.

Empowering Young People

The City Careers programme exemplifies a commitment to empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Greater Manchester. By developing essential life skills and offering qualifications, as well as employment opportunities, the programme plays a vital role in creating positive social impact. The Kloodle platform is City in the Community’s chosen supplier to support it in its work to achieve these outcomes. Kloodle has been designed to be accessible, intuitive, customisable and cost effective, and, consequently, is a key enabler of City in the Community leveraging the power of the Manchester City brand to do good in the community – enabling it to do so demonstrably, efficiently, effectively and with increased engagement of all stakeholders.

Through initiatives like City Careers powered by Kloodle, City in the Community is a catalyst for positive change and opportunity for young people across the region. Well played, CITC!

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