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Skills For Life

Manchester City Council has answered the call for life-focused education with its Skills for Life programme, voted for by over 20,000 young residents. Skills for Life, based on the World Health Organisation’s definition of essential “life skills”, encompasses attitudes and behaviours vital for success and, aligned with global frameworks, Manchester emphasises communication, problem-solving, self-belief, self-management, and teamwork.

The programme, endorsed by UK Youth Employment research, extends to primary schools in Manchester, aiming to develop skills for both personal and professional growth.

Benefits of Learning Life Skills

Evidence from Unesco and Uncief, amongst other well-respected organisations, shows that learning life skills correlates strongly with positive outcomes in adulthood, impacting well-being, employment, and societal contributions. Research from Harvard underlines the growing importance of social skills in the workplace, emphasising attitudes like resilience and creativity. Manchester Council’s programme offers a holistic approach, linking life skills to improved mental well-being, employability and social mobility.

Connecting Young Learners with Skills for Life

Manchester’s ‘superconnectivity’ initiative uses Kloodle, the digital platform facilitating skills’ development. Schools and organisations can register as Skills for Life providers, using resources provided by the council.

How Schools Can Join the Programme

Primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and youth organisations in Manchester can sign up to become Skills for Life providers, benefitting from reduced costs and connecting with a city-wide skills network. The council provides activities, lesson plans, and exercises, promoting consistency and best practices across institutions. The emphasis on resilience, creativity, and teamwork aligns with employer expectations, addressing the evolving demands of the workplace.

Kloodle’s Role in the Programme

Kloodle serves as the facilitator for Manchester’s Skills for Life initiative, enabling students to document their skills’ journey through Kloodle by uploading photos, and videos, and making reflections. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for all learners, fostering self-awareness and confidence. Skills’ development extends beyond school, as students can use Kloodle for CV writing, maintaining lifelong profiles.

The digital platform aligns with the council’s mission, providing a consistent approach to skills’ development. As a superconnector, Kloodle links students with employers, youth groups, and local events, fostering a city-wide skills community. The platform’s longevity ensures that students can maintain and build their profiles throughout their lives.

In Summary

Manchester City Council’s proactive approach to life skills education, powered by Kloodle’s superconnectivity, positions the city as a leader in supporting young people’s holistic development. The Skills for Life programme exemplifies a commitment to empowering youth for success in an ever-evolving world.

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