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In the state of Utah, the Portrait of a Graduate program provides a visionary framework for student success, aimed at preparing young people for the multifaceted challenges of adulthood. This comprehensive initiative defines the essential skills and competencies that students should develop by the time they graduate to ensure they are well-equipped for careers, higher education, and active community participation. Kloodle, the digital skills and character platform, aligns perfectly with the Portrait of a Graduate program, offering innovative tools to document and showcase student achievements, thereby supporting the holistic development outlined in Utah’s educational goals.

Kloodle enables students to build their personal profile, based on the specific Portrait of a Graduate framework adopted by a school, by uploading evidence of their development in the form of documents, photos and videos, which provide yet more substance and context to demonstrate the individual’s progress.

General Categories of the Utah Portrait of a Graduate Program

The Utah State Board of Education has identified core competencies that form the backbone of the Portrait of a Graduate program. The core competencies fall into three characteristics, which students will ideally develop by graduation:

  • Mastery: The ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill proficiency.
  • Autonomy: Having the self-confidence and motivation to think and act independently.
  • Purpose: Guiding life decisions, influencing behavior, shaping goals, offering a sense of direction, and creating meaning.


The chart above shows that these categories extend beyond the traditional educational objective of academic mastery to include critical thinking and problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, communication, resilience, and adaptability, among many other key life skills. In addition to and giving context to academic skills, the focus is on nurturing social and emotional learning (SEL), civic responsibility, and life readiness. By promoting a balanced development in these areas, the program aims to produce well-rounded graduates who can thrive in many and various aspects of life. Kloodle can help to record and provide supporting evidence of the ‘depth’ of knowledge and proficiency of skills, which builds confidence.

Implementation of the Program in Schools

Schools across Utah implement the Portrait of a Graduate program by integrating these competencies into their curricular and extracurricular activities and engaging all stakeholders. Teachers, counselors and administrators work collaboratively to create learning experiences that promote these skills, often through project-based learning, community service projects, and interdisciplinary approaches.

Schools can also engage parents, local businesses, and community leaders in supporting the program, creating a community-wide effort to nurture student growth.

Kloodle: The Ideal Tool to Support Utah’s Portrait of a Graduate Program

Kloodle offers an ideal solution to support the Portrait of a Graduate program. The platform allows students to document their learning experiences, skills and achievements in a digital portfolio, which aligns seamlessly with the competencies defined. Kloodle enables learners to track their progress in areas such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, providing a comprehensive record which they can take with them beyond school and can ultimately be shared with educators, employers, and higher education institutions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kloodle for Portrait of a Graduate?

  • Skills’ Documentation: Kloodle helps students track and articulate their development in key skills’ areas such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, aligning with the competencies outlined in the Portrait of a Graduate.
  • Reflections: After each activity, students can reflect on activities on their personal profile and which skills they have been developing and how, supported by teachers and mentors. By tagging in the relevant skills, their personal skills’ wheel grows.
  • Enhanced Employability: By providing a platform for students to display their practical skills and achievements, Kloodle enhances their employability and readiness for postsecondary education.
  • Personalized Learning: Everyone’s journey is different. Kloodle has been designed to support personalized learning paths, allowing students to focus on areas that align with their career aspirations and personal growth.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Kloodle facilitates communication between an individual student and educators, mentors, and even employers, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in supporting student success.
  • Digital Confidence: This digital approach not only helps students develop and demonstrate the essential competencies outlined in the Portrait of a Graduate but also prepares them for a digital and interconnected world.

All in All

The Portrait of a Graduate program in Utah is a forward-thinking, world-leading initiative that aims to equip students with the necessary skills and competencies for future success, beyond academic performance. With its comprehensive digital tools, Kloodle is an invaluable resource in supporting this program, ensuring that students can document, showcase, and leverage their skills effectively. Through the integration of Kloodle, Utah schools can enhance their implementation of the Portrait of a Graduate, ultimately fostering a generation of well-rounded, capable, and confident graduates.

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