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Brains Across the Pond: More British Students are Studying in the US Than Ever Before

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The increase in tuition fees to £9,000 is driving more students than ever before across the pond. The number of UK students now studying in America rose to 10,191 last academic year, representing an 8% rise on the year previous.

The highest increase was amongst undergraduates. This group increased by 11% compares to the year previous. The increase has ensured that now over 5,000 undergraduates are studying in the USA, the first time the number has been exceeded ever.

With the advent of £9,000 a year tuition fees, the cost of study in the USA is no longer prohibitive, and is, in some cases, cheaper. The increase last year was due to students who applied in 2012, the first year tuition fees rose in the UK.

Universities in America have mechanisms to keep the cost of higher education fair for all. Harvard University offers free tuition to any student whose family income does not exceed $60,000. Many schools also offer sports scholarships for talented individuals. In these instances, the university pays for air fares, accommodation and clothing allowance. The student can even access money to fund their flights back to the UK to visit families.

The allure of an “international education” provides an attractive proposition for students. We are living in a truly global community. Having an international education adds a touch of sheen to a student’s CV.

The Sutton Trust education charity has put in place funding to encourage the country’s most talented state school pupils to apply for university in the US. The students have attracted over $18m funding to support their studies.

Studying abroad offers a fantastic opportunity to this country’s students. The statistics show that more and more students are realising the benefit of being internationally educated. For the first time ever, the cost of studying abroad seems fair in comparison to an education at a UK institute. Such an education will produce a group of young people who have global views, broad horizons, and experiences that will gear them up to contribute to the wider international economy.


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