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Building a student pipeline in Kloodle 3.0

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Attracting the best apprentices requires a long term, proactive approach. Education of students should be the cornerstone of any good attraction programme. This is because students’ primary concern at school or college is to pass their exams. This concept is drummed into them from all angles?—?parents, teachers and peers.

Careers education takes a back seat. It is appended to the curriculum as an afterthought (in most cases?—?shining examples do exist). As a result, students regard careers lessons as secondary activities. They learn little about the breadth of career available to them as well as little regarding their own employability and what is expected of them in the workplace.

Kloodle colleges are different

Schools and colleges who utilise Kloodle are making a different statement. These organisations realise that student employability is built on a daily basis, one educational experience at a time. They that the softer skills a student possesses are often more important to a potential employer. These organisations help build up these skills in their students. Employability becomes a main focus, taught in every lesson, and not an afterthought. Students pay more attention to their skill development and how this will serve them for their career.

Employer engagement

Our next mission is to increase employer engagement. We envisage the battle for employability to be won by a three pronged attack: –

  1. A student’s academic journey
  2. Embedding employability skill development into EVERY lesson
  3. Engaging external employers into the curriculum

We’re building better features into Kloodle 3.0 to help employers achieve this.


The employer pipeline enables employers to manage and engage students with their potential vacancies.

The construction of this pipeline fits in with Kloodle’s 3 Step Attraction product. The first two steps of this are to engage students through content production and education, introducing them to your brand, vacancies and culture.

As well as providing detailed looks into specific job roles a student may undertake with your organisation.

Once students are engaged with your brand, they start to filter in to Kloodle 3.0’s pipeline. This enables an employer to filter out students depending upon criteria of interest to them.

Employers can also perform mass actions on filtered lists. These include: –

  1. Awarding badges
  2. Posting relevant content to segmented audiences
  3. Adding users to a shortlist
  4. Tagging them for later interaction
  5. Adding them to a group

Once your pipeline starts to build up, you can visualise the skills contained within it. You may want to create badges students can achieve off the back of this information to encourage students to develop other skills you may be looking for.

You can then select individual students to learn more about them and to send them messages offering help with their career or providing general advice.

Pipelines can be built through providing interesting content to students, or by importing users directly yourself. By adding users to your pipeline, you send students an invite to create an account. This will enable them to interact with you and your staff.

This is a great follow up to careers fairs you attend as it will enable you to keep the flow of communication and interest up.

You can do this via CSV upload of student email addresses you may collect: –

Or via our Pipeline Sign Up app where you can get students to create accounts on the spot.

Kloodle 3.0 is due for release in Sept 2017. To keep on top of the latest updates, please sign up to our mailing list here?—?


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